Thank you so much for reading our blog. It’s so cool to have you follow us on our journey, through all the ups and downs. It means a lot to us and we appreciate each of you.

We would be over the moon if you were able to donate to us so we can continue our journey to become parents. We’ve had six miscarriages and were told by multiple doctors our best option is IVF for a biological child, we are also planning to do adoption as well. Either way it will cost us a boatload of money to make our dream of having a child come true.

The average cost for a single round of IVF is $10,000 – $20,000 and the average cost of adopting one child is $40,000 – $50,000. It’s incredibly difficult to save up for either route, so any help we can get would be amazing. Also, when you contribute you will be helping us with the cost of maintaining this site so we can continue to provide information, resources, and hope to our readers.

Much Love,

Julie & Kurtis






Thank you!