Our Timeline



  • I had sharp needle-like pains and decided to see an OBGYN. I was diagnosed at age 22 with naturally occurring Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), not from a STI. Ultrasound showed the infection caused my ovaries to grow three times their normal size and nearly rupture. Doctor put me on what she called the “Cadillac of antibiotics” instead of hospitalizing me which is sometimes necessary. It’s estimated about 13% of women who’ve had PID will experience infertility issues (CDC, 2019).




  • Started dating Kurtis and fell in love.




  • Got engaged on vacation in Hawaii.




  • Married in beautiful Belize.


  • 1st pregnancy: positive pregnancy test on July 23, 2016, conceived naturally. 


  • 1st miscarriage: natural miscarriage due to missed miscarriage at 6 weeks along.


  • 2nd pregnancy: positive pregnancy test on November 2nd, 2016, conceived naturally.




  • 2nd Miscarriage: natural miscarriage due to missed miscarriage at 6 weeks along. Did not test baby to find out why we miscarried due to insurance not covering testing until 3rd miscarriage. 


  • 3rd pregnancy: Positive pregnancy test July 11th, 2017, conceived naturally.


  • 3rd miscarriage: missed-miscarriage (6 weeks along), needed hysteroscopy with laparoscopy procedure after complications, tested baby and learned baby had chromosomal issue of Trisomy 16 due to additional maternal DNA .




  • 4th pregnancy: positive pregnancy test on February 1st, 2018, conceived naturally. 
  • Ultrasound shows beating heart at 6 weeks and 5 days on February 13th, 2018. First time I ever see any of my babies’ heartbeats. Sadly baby passes that same day according to measurements on later ultrasound. 
  • 4th miscarriage:  D&C due to missed miscarriage, February 25th, 2018.
  • Baby tested, had Trisomy 15 due to maternal origin.



  • Got our fur baby, a puppy. He is an Australian Shepherd and Husky mix. 
  • Diagnosed with Low Ovarian Reserve (need to check for record of AMH level, I can’t remember the number)




  • 5th pregnancy: positive pregnancy December 31st, 2018, conceived naturally.




  • 5th miscarriage: miscarried January 13th, 2019. Chose not to do testing on baby for financial reasons and believed that it would be the same issue again, a trisomy of maternal origin like two other miscarriages were.
  • Found out Mom has cancer. I decide to wait to do Frozen Embryo Transfer so I can be there for her during her surgery and recovery.


  • Saving up some money to do FET in later part of 2019
  • 6th pregnancy: positive pregnancy test July 26th, 2019, conceived naturally. FET postponed due to this pregnancy.



  • 6th miscarriage: D&C for missed miscarriage.
  • Decided to test baby due to doctor saying I might need to be on medication Lovenox. 
  • Test results from miscarriage: chromosomal abnormality, triploidy of paternal origin.
  • Ultrasound done to ensure uterus was clear, but a black mass was found on ultrasound. 
  • Previous pregnancy may have been a partial molar pregnancy. Need weekly blood draws to ensure hCG levels do not rise, an indicator of Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD) which could turn cancerous.


  • HCG level rises although I know 100% I am not pregnant, doctor recommends surgery right away to remove the mass that might be GTD or a tumor
  • Repeat D&C due complications from first surgery. Pathology report showed the black mass on the ultrasound turned out to be part of my placenta left behind and not GTD or cancer. Phew! Could have been way worse.
  • Doctor says I still need to come in weekly for blood draws until hCG level drops to zero and I should NOT do FET for 6 months (April/May 2020). I’m still high risk for developing GTD if I were to get pregnant in these next 6 months.
  • Once hCG drops to zero need to come in monthly for blood draws to make sure I don’t develop GTD. 
  • Continuing to learn about MTHFR gene mutation and how to manage it and potentially improve fertility odds.
  • Doctor says I should not get pregnant for six months and I need to be on birth control pills.


Future Plans



  • Frozen Embryo Transfer (only one embryo available from two rounds of IVF). Planning to be off work during implantation and possible pregnancy.
  • If FET does not work: Get 2nd job at Starbucks for IVF benefits ($25,000 for IVF + up to $10,000 for cost of medication).


August (I will be 35 years old)

  • Begin seriously looking into fostering/adoption process, regardless of whether I have a biological child or not.



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