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#1 Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day on October 15th


#2 National Infertility Awareness Week 2020


#3 Day 1 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): Excited & Nervous


#4 Day 11 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): How to Get Travel Discounts for IVF Treatment


#5 Top 7 Websites Comparing IVF Clinic Success Rates




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Why I Fired My Previous Fertility Team | Karyotype Test Results | Asherman’s Syndrome + Septate Uterus Diagnoses & Surgery

HSG Test Results | Karyotype Test | More Surgeries, One for Something More Serious

Taking a Break From Fertility Treatments

Frozen Embryo Transfer Pregnancy Test Result

The Two Week Wait

Embryo Transfer Day

FET Prep Week 24: Good to Go! | Starting PIO Shots | Ways to Thicken Uterine Lining for Embryo Transfer

FET Prep Week 23: Transfer Date Postponed Due to Thin Lining

FET Prep Week 22: Hormonal Hot Mess 

FET Prep Week 21: Starting All Over | Scary Side Effect? | Not Enough Syringes | Move or Travel Abroad for Treatment?

FET Prep Week 20: Clinic Cancels My FET 

FET Prep Week 19: Facepalm and Panic Moment | Treatment During COVID & Seattle’s ‘CHOP’ Protests | 3rd Monitoring Appointment Results

FET Prep Week 18: Altered Plans Due to Cyst | On Different Pages with Spouse

FET Prep Week 17: Suppression Check Disappointment | The Downsides of Fertility Meds

FET Prep Week 16: Injections Started | Approved for Lovenox | New Vitamins to Reduce Anxiety

Time for a Digital Detox

FET Prep Week 15: Should This be Happening? | To Lovenox, or Not to Lovenox, that is the question. | High Anxiety from Methylfolate

FET Prep Week 14: Plans Changed, Flying Solo, & Confusing Med Instructions

FET Prep Week 13: FET Scheduled After Clinic Partially Reopened

6 Ways to Handle Mother’s Day While Experiencing Infertility

Weight Loss Series Week 6: 100-Mile Goal Met, The Dreaded Plateau, Egg Retrieval Before Frozen Embryo Transfer?, & A Turn of Events

Weight Loss Series Week 5: Tough Week, NIAW, & Mini-Goal Met

Weight Loss Series Week 4: Variety is the Spice of Life & Virtual DIY Walk of Hope

National Infertility Awareness Week 2020

Weight Loss Series Week 3: The Difference & BFFs with My Treadmill

Weight Loss Series Week 2: 100 Miles in April Challenge & Online Infertility Group

Documentary Review: “MTV True Life: I’m Desperate to Have a Baby”

Weight Loss Series Week 1: Fertility Clinic Closed, Focusing on Health

FET Prep Week 12: Clinic Says “No FET” due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Digital Roundtable on COVID-19

FET Prep Week 11: Possible COVID-19 Travel Restrictions, Postpone Fertility Treatment?, & The Skyrocketing Cost of Leuprolide

FET Prep Week 10: Down-Regulation Started, Infertility Group, Coronavirus Concerns

FET Prep Week 9: A Tough Decision

FET Prep Week 8: Migraines & Some Good News

Documentary Series Review: “The Baby Makers” (2016)

FET Prep Week 7: Food Plan, Medical Debt,  Post-op Follow-up, & Imagining Motherhood

FET Prep Week 6: Relax! You’re on Vacation.

FET Prep Week 5: Surgery, Depression & Trip to Nevada

FET Prep Week 4: Bad News from SIS Test

Documentary Review: “One More Shot” (2018)

FET Prep Week 3: You say Future Tripping, I say Future Planning

FET Prep Week 2: Supplements, WTF Email, & Increased AMH Level

Dealing with Depression & Infertility

FET Prep Week 1: 3.5 months until FET

Book Review: “Empty Arms” by Pam Vredevelt

Movie Review: “Private Life”

Movie Review: “Making Babies”

Merry Stressmas!

Documentary Review: “Modern Baby” by ABC News Documentaries

Book Review: “Dirty Genes” by Dr. Ben Lynch

Contest Announcement: Win $25 + “It Starts with the Egg” Book by Rebecca Fett

Early Preparation for FET

8 Ways to Handle the Holidays During Infertility

Want to Get Pregnant? Nah, You Need Birth Control

Book Review “To the Bright Edge of the World: A Novel” by Eowyn Ivey

Tested for Uterine Cancer

Another Surgery & Thoughts on God

Movie Review: “Don’t Talk About the Baby”

Remembering My Babies on October 15th

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day on October 15th

Best & Worst States for Infertility Services

Results from Anora Test

Top 7 Websites Comparing IVF Clinic Success Rates’s Beginnings

Week 10 of Pregnancy: 6th Miscarriage

Week 10 of Pregnancy: Yuckiness

Week 9 of Pregnancy: Top Secret

MTHFR Gene Mutation Test Results

A Doctor’s Mistake & Possible MTHFR Gene Mutation

Choosing Happiness Despite Circumstances

Book Review “It Starts with the Egg” by Rebecca Fett

Improve Fertility by Purging Plastics & My Allergic Reaction to CoQ10

Movie Review of “Instant Family”

Results from 2nd Round of IVF: All Things Considered

Day 20 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Egg Retrieval Day

1 Day Before Retrieval (Round 2 of IVF): Positive Pregnancy Test

Day 19 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Trigger Shot Time

Day 18 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Nightmares on IVF Meds

Day 17 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Shake Shack & Study Time

Day 16 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Cancel IVF Round?

Day 15 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): The Round That Doesn’t End

Day 14 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Clinic Samples to the Rescue

Day 13 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): What To Do When You Run Out of IVF Meds

Day 12 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Perseverance

Day 11 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): How to Get Travel Discounts for IVF Treatment

Day 10 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Growing Pains

Day 9 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Major Mistake with Omnitrope

Day 8 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Doing IVF in College

Day 7 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Flying Out for Treatment

Day 6 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Big Changes for a Better Life

Day 5 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Sacrifices

Day 4 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Interviews & Tough Decisions

Day 3 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Feeling Yucky

Day 2 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Migraines

Day 1 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): “You can do it!”

New Contest Announcement: Fabulous Fans of Contest

Fertility Wars: Return of the Cyst

The Big Picture

All About Balance

1 Day After Egg Retrieval: Major Money Saving Epiphany

Day 12 (Round 1 of IVF): Egg Retrieval Day

Day 11 (Round 1 of IVF): Surgery Tomorrow & Resiliency

Day 10 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): Trigger Shot Day!

Day 9 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Day 8 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): First Day at Seattle Clinic

Day 7 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): Leaving on a Jet Plane

Day 6 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): Sleepy Time

Day 5 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): Poked, Prodded, & Pessimistic

Day 4 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): Shooting Up Drugs & The Great Outdoors

Day 3 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): Injecting Myself & Diving In the Deep End

Day 2 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): Hydration, Migraines, and Grumpiness

Day 1 (Round 1 of IVF Stims): Excited & Nervous

How to Handle a Miscarriage at Home

How to Mic Drop on Naysayers about Infertility Treatment

3 Practical Tips for Adapting to Changing Fertility Plans

New Contest Announcement

Top 5 Ways to Scratch the Itch of Wanting to be a Mother

Review of “Baby Makers: The Fertility Clinic (IVF Documentary)”

One Step at a Time / Suppression Check: Take Three


Tips for Applying to IVF Grants

Oh S**t, A Cyst!

Top 5 Lessons Learned Over 2 Years of Infertility

Paying for IVF

40 Years Ago First IVF Baby Born

Synchronicity / Perseverance / Cleveland Clinic Embryos Lost

The Migraines

Fertility Tourism

Give me a break!

Another surgery…

SIS and Possible Surgery, Again

New Perspectives & A Little Levity

So it’s 3:30am and I created a blog