FET Prep Week 8: Migraines & Some Good News

FET Prep Week 8: Migraines & Some Good News

This past week sucked. I was having daily headaches and for half the week I had a full blown migraine. I’m not exactly sure what triggered all of these, but dang, can’t a girl catch a break? But on the bright side I did get some good news recently.

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Countdown Until FET: 58 days (as of 2-26-2020)


These migraines are seriously affecting my quality of life. I’m waiting to get in to see my neurologist about it. I asked my neurologist the last time I saw her how quickly my migraine medicine leaves my system, because I was concerned about how it would impact my upcoming FET. She said that it’s leaves the body fairly quickly, within the day. I’m still wary about this because from what I’ve read they say you should act as if you are pregnant the three months prior to your FET. And I certainly don’t want to take anything that is not recommended for pregnancy. 

It all boiled down to the decision of either I take my migraine medicine or I don’t. If I don’t take it I will probably end up needing to go to the ER because it will have inevitably progressed to the point where I can’t open my eyes, each movement makes me want to throw up, and every sound pierces through my head like I’m being stabbed in my ears for hours on end. The pain from my migraines also puts my blood pressure through the roof, even with my blood pressure medicine. It’s a whole domino effect.

Unfortunately I just have to take that migraine pill at the risk of possibly having a residual effect on the FET. But like I said, my neurologist says this medicine leaves my body quickly. I wish I had my neurologist and my out-of-state reproductive endocrinologist sitting in the same room to hear them debate over this medicine and when to stop it before FET. In fact, I think I will probably send an email to my RE to see what he thinks about this. 


Some Good News

Miracle of miracles, I don’t need another SIS procedure! Oh yeah, party time! You all know how much I hate those stupid SIS procedures. My RE’s nurse wrote back and said that my uterus is all clear from my last surgery and I am good to go with my originally scheduled FET in April. Yay for a squeaky clean uterus, it’s the little things in life, right? I was almost certain I would have to do another SIS. But with this last procedure since they used the hysteroscope, a camera to help them actually see what they are doing, so they took pictures of when they were all done. The pictures confirmed they got all the scar tissue out. 

When you are so used to everything going wrong, it’s good news like this that helps you to keep carrying on. Now I just need to wait for my next cycle and I will make that phone call to my nurse. My nurse will then send out my medicine to me and create my FET medication calendar.  Now that I am in the clear, I am actually starting to get excited about my FET. 


Mini Victories for the Week

Picked up some more healthy groceries.

Watching my calories.

Finally got my migraine down to just a headache level.

Work in Progress

Email out-of-state RE my question about my migraine medicine.

Drink more water.

Go to the gym this week.

Stick with 1200 calories per day.


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