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Now accepting submissions for guest posts. Do you have a story you would like to share on Hoping For Baby? Please review the list below of submission topics needed. You can also email me a topic or story you wish to share, I will review it and decide if we can post it to Each submission you send will give you 5x bonus entries into the current contest .Please make sure your submissions are a minimum of 500 words. You can remain anonymous if you wish. This would be a good opportunity to share your story to the world, get your writing noticed, and promote your website. Let’s work together to support each other and help out our readers.

List of Topics Needed for Guest Posts:

  • IUI basic information and personal experiences
  • Ways to improve egg quality
  • Personal stories about multiple IVF cycles
  • Success stories (with or without fertility treatment)
  • Healthy Fertility Food Plans
  • Adoption stories (in progress or completed)
  • Foster parent personal stories
  • Avoid these mistakes when doing the adoption process
  • Avoid these mistakes when doing foster parenting
  • Plus-sized IVF
  • Plus-sized fertility stories
  • Inspiration and Motivation during infertility
  • Resources – helpful websites, films, YouTubers, any media you find helpful and why
  • Book Reviews about Infertility, Trying to Conceive, Fertility Treatments, Adoption, Fostering, or related topics.
  • Your best advice to couples newly diagnosed with infertility
  • IVF Grant Winner stories – Tips for others on how to win grants
  • Recurrent Miscarriage diagnosis and subsequent live birth success stories
  • Egg donation, sperm donation, or embryo donation stories
  • Any other topic related to infertility and infertility treatments, adoption, and fostering.