1 Day Before Retrieval (Round 2 of IVF): Positive Pregnancy Test

1 Day Before Retrieval (Round 2 of IVF): Positive Pregnancy Test

(Entry written prior to posted date)


Ah yes, the positive pregnancy test, of course this only means that the HCG trigger shot worked last night. If you are unfamiliar with the IVF process the trigger shot increases your body’s HCG levels, which is what normally indicates a positive pregnancy test. There are a lot of ironic things that happen during a round of IVF which can be interpreted as a cruel joke, a positive pregnancy test being one of them. There’s that part of me that wants to cry when I see the two solid lines on this test, because it’s a reminder of all I’ve been through and lost, but thankfully I’ve developed thicker skin that makes all of this doable. Out of all the uncontrollable events infertility causes, the one and only thing we can control is how we respond to it.


Sometimes developing thicker skin means moving forward and not dwelling too much on the past, which is what I am trying to do. So I tossed the test into the garbage and moved on with my day, content with the fact that the test shows I am ready for my egg retrieval surgery tomorrow. I was told that if it was negative that I would need to call them right away, but I’m on the right track so now I can finally enjoy a shot-free day for once. Yahoo! This human pin cushion finally gets a break.



Gnarly bruising from all my shots.


I felt a little dizzy this morning but it went away fairly quickly. I’m happy to report I’m not dealing with slew of symptoms. Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with a Whole Foods meal. The Whole Foods is right around the corner from our hotel and they had all the fixings for a real Thanksgiving meal. All we had to do was throw it in the microwave. Mom and I had turkey, chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted zucchini slices, and pumpkin pie. I wasn’t feeling as bloated today so I didn’t feel as gross eating a normal plate of Thanksgiving food. I wish I could have celebrated Thanksgiving with Kurtis but my body decided it wanted to take it’s sweet time, delaying my return home due to slow growing follicles. But I am thankful that Mom is here for me.



All my used IVF meds jam-packed in my suitcase. 


After we ate our surprisingly yummy meal we watched the Shark Tank marathon on TV. It seems like this show has been on constantly since I’ve been down in Seattle. I haven’t had cable in about a decade, so maybe this is a normal thing these days. Anyway, I do like watching Shark Tank, it’s really inspiring to see creative and bold people putting their heart and soul on the line for their dream. It’s something I feel I can relate to on a lot of levels. I believe the American Dream means different things to different people. What is my American Dream? To create a strong family that helps make the world better than it was before.



A reminder for my sleepy self not to drink after midnight for surgery in the morning.


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