Give me a break!

Well they had to cancel my hysteroscopy due to my body inconveniently deciding to start my period just hours before my surgery. My surgeon thought this may make it difficult to view the scar tissue that needs to come out. So I’m rescheduled for a couple weeks later. I’m irritated that it keeps getting postponed. But it is what it is. The sooner I get my uterus cleared the sooner I can get the go-ahead to start IVF. I got my time off work approved to coincide with my husband’s time off so we can do IVF. So we will be headed out to do the IVF procedure in a few months. I’ve been trying to pick up any overtime opportunities here and there, which is very few. I’ve been doing some Amazon selling but my sales are still pretty low, but it’s enough to help cover part of our monthly groceries, which is better than nothing I suppose. As much as I want to get a second job, I think I really need a break. I’m starting to get burnt out at work. Now that my class is over I really want to enjoy my summer while it lasts.


This first week of no school I got caught up on sleep, as much as one can with a new puppy, and have been zoning out watching Netflix with my husband. Sometimes it’s nice to “check out” for a while and forget all of the things on my to-do list, especially from thinking about fertility to-dos. So I’ll make this post short, because hey…I need a break.


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