Day 2 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Migraines

(Entry written prior to posted date).

So I managed to do my second shot of Leuprolide and didn’t bend the needle this time. My first time I bent the needle into the vial. It’s day two and I have a killer migraine. I’m at work now and thought I would write this on my down time. I have the lights lowered and the computer screen brightness down way low. My entire head is pulsating with pain with each pump of my heart I feel like I can feel my brain squeeze tighter each time.

I already took my break, so I am to the point now where I need to decide if I tough it out or do I go home and try to get some rest. I’m also getting waves of major nausea. I don’t know whether it’s from the medication or if I am getting sick. I avoided looking at the list of possible side effects of the Leuprolide until just now, and man is it a long list! Headaches and nausea are on the list. I’ve also noticed I’m pretty irritable too.

So because my trip is delayed only by a couple of days (due to a cyst) I decided not to rearrange my flights or hotel. I’m hoping that I can do the surgery within the original week I had planned on and then leave on the scheduled flight I have. But I may have to do some last minute schedule adjustments. According to my new calendar my clinic gave me my surgery will most likely fall on the day before my scheduled flight out of Seattle. After my first retrieval I felt perfectly fine the next day and was walking all around the city doing sightseeing. I’m hoping that I will recover just the same this time so I don’t have to change my flight or try to find a different hotel last minute.

I’ve been trying to cut back on coffee. I haven’t had it in a couple days. Normally I have 1-2 cups of coffee, so the whole cold turkey from coffee could also be contributing to my migraine. I was looking back at my old entries from my first egg retrieval and it’s funny how I wrote about migraines on my second day too. Same exact day, weird. Well I’m hoping some good rest after work and just sleeping all day (I work overnights) will hopefully get me back on track. Sleep can be quite magical. Here’s to another day of lovely Leuprolide.

Thank you for reading.

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