Day 4 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Interviews & Tough Decisions

Day 4 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Interviews & Tough Decisions

(Entry written prior to posted date).


I was debating getting a second job for a few months now to help pay down the debt from paying for IVF. Today I had an interview at a temp agency and I think it went really well. I’ve never applied for work through a temp agency before. This one was surprisingly professional and the building is really high class. The way this one works is that they get paid by the companies to seek out prospective employees. The cool thing is that people like me who apply don’t have to pay a penny. An easy way to think of it is that the company looking for employees outsources their human resources department to this temp agency who does the work for them. Doing temp work is a great way to make extra money to help pay for IVF treatment.


But the thing I am wondering is whether I really can handle two full-time jobs, working a total of 80 hours per week. I think if I did do that, I would feel better if I set an end date that is doable for me and select job offers based on a realistic end date. I was thinking doing the temp job sometime early next year, maybe do it for six months. I know Kurtis will think I’m crazy for doing it, and maybe I am. I can be a royal b***h when I don’t get enough sleep, which would be my biggest concern.


It might be better to look into a second job that is part-time. I feel like that would be more doable, yet at the same time it would take that much longer tonger to pay off the debt. Decisions…decisions. I’m only taking one college class online right now, so school wouldn’t really be an issue. I’d probably take one online class again next semester. I told myself I would only take one class at a time until my debt is paid off. Because it is too easy to quit school when you don’t take any classes at all.


I also need to think about the impact having a second job would have on our marriage. I don’t want to take away any more time from the relationship because I know I need that quality time with him during my time off. I don’t want to feel that working pulls me away from the time I could be spending with him. But at the same time bills need to get paid. I think the best bet is to find a second job that is during the time that he is already at work, that way I don’t feel like I am missing out.


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