Day 6 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Big Changes for a Better Life

Day 6 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Big Changes for a Better Life

(Entry written prior to posted date).


Today I had an interview with my current company but at their different location. I was so happy to hear that they offered me the position on-the-spot. It will be better for me for different reasons. It will be better pay and less stress. I would feel safer at this new location because I will be working with clients who are not in “crisis mode” anymore and they are instead more independent. I will be dealing less with the youth who could potentially become violent, mostly due to drug use. I’ve found drug needles in the laundry basket. Thankfully my supervisors were always great about giving me tips on when to wear needle proof gloves, so I was prepared. I wanted to find work where it would be safer if I did become pregnant. I am very excited to say I believe this new location will be a lot less stressful and safer for me.


The nice thing is that they were willing to work with me to have me start when I get back from my trip. I avoided the subject that I was doing it for IVF and instead said for “medical reasons.” They respected that I wasn’t quite ready to talk about it. I’m thinking of probably avoiding the subject of IVF for a bit, just so I can focus on learning my job as opposed to my treatment being a topic of conversation. I’m really hoping to be back before Thanksgiving, but it’s kind of hard to say since my body seems to not respond as quickly to the medication. I requested two weeks off before I start the new position. I would think that would be plenty of time to get the egg retrieval done, hopefully.


Even though this job will mean better pay, I still have a lot of medical bills I need to pay. Those bills are from my past miscarriages and subsequent surgeries, as well as miscellaneous bills relating to IVF that were not covered in their initial lump sum cost. I will post a future article breaking down all of my costs, for now I’d like to avoid going down that rabbit hole. The amount not covered by my IVF grant my Mom offered to help out with. So I owe her a good chunk of money. Ask family if they can help you out with a 0% interest loan, this can help you save a lot of money as well as get you started quicker on your IVF journey. Although my mom told me I didn’t need to pay her back I feel it is really important to pay her back.


I’m thinking of getting a second job in order to pay my bills more quickly. Probably just a part-time second job. I’m hoping to find one with more flexible hours, maybe something like InstaCart or teaching online. There are some online teaching jobs that seem pretty flexible. But I want to wait until I get back from my egg retrieval before I start looking into a second job. I think it’s important to think of a second job that still allows for some work-life balance.


My stomach is looking really sad these days. It’s bruised and has dozens of little red needle marks. Not to mention I am beginning to feel the bloat. It feels pretty uncomfortable. But I’m still able to wear my looser-fitting jeans without feeling like I’m going to explode. Most women bloat from IVF meds from what I hear, so I’m not too worried about it.


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