Day 7 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Flying Out for Treatment

Day 7 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Flying Out for Treatment

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As you may remember from my recent post Fertility Wars: Return of the Cyst, my eggs decided to be extra sluggish and are not growing the rate my doctor expects them to. So because of that my egg retrieval surgery was looking to be delayed more, and I was worried I would need to completely alter my travel plans. It all came down to this morning, when I went in for my follow-up ultrasounds and blood draw. The results would help me narrow down when they think the egg retrieval will actually be. So I drove to my ultrasound appointment, then drove to my doctors office for a blood draw, then raced home and called an Uber to pick Mom and I up for our flight immediately after the appointment. I felt huge sense of relief once my butt was in the seat of the plane. I’ve had an insanely busy week due to lots of school assignments, planning for the trip, being busy at work, and several job interviews. I got the call just before my flight that I am good to go and I don’t need to delay my travel plans any more. Good to hear, especially since I was already sitting on the plane. I figured that I didn’t want to change my flights around at the very last minute and I was okay with being there a few days earlier than expected.


Mom is coming with me again for this trip since Kurtis doesn’t have enough leave time until next year. After some research we found a nice hotel near the clinic and close to downtown Seattle, called the La Quinta. It’s so much nicer than the last hotel we stayed at for my first IVF round. As soon as you walk in there is an aquarium with exotic fish. La Quinta, you had me at fish aquarium. This one was way better and for the same price as that last crappy hotel we stayed at. It feel a lot safer here too, considering no one offered to sell me drugs this time, nor were there any loud fights in the parking lot. Did I mention this La Quinta serves free just-out-of-the-oven cookies around dinner time. Things are looking up!


Today we settled into the hotel and unpacked. We agreed we were going to just rest today and get room service. I ordered a Caesar salad with tons of Greek olives, it was really tasty. Plus I was craving more veggies so it was perfect. I picked up a bunch of tourist brochures from the lobby area when we arrived and I starting to plan our trip. Hey it’s better late than never, right? I’d like to visit a garden and see the fall foliage. I remember as a kid visiting Washington with my family and really enjoying all the beautiful gardens here. One thing to keep in mind when you are traveling for IVF is to remember to stay on schedule for your shots. If you plan to go out and about don’t forget to come back in time to take your schedule shots, or to pack them with you. If your medicine needs to be kept cool bring an ice pack. For me, I think I’m just going to plan my day around my shot schedule, as opposed to packing them with me. I don’t really feel like tracking down a dirty public bathroom to do this in, so I’m opting for always doing it at the hotel. Mom and I relaxed for the rest of the night and watched TV. I slept really hard. Maybe the medicine is making me extra tired, or maybe after a busy week I was finally able to relax into a good sleep.


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Featured Image: All of my daily pills I am taking for my second round of IVF.

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