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I’ve been debating creating a blog about my experience with infertility for a while now. I will try to keep this first post short and sweet because tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment with my fertility specialist and I need a full-nights sleep, hopefully. But knowing me and my crazy schedule it’s not too surprising I’m awake at this hour. I’ve got a lot on my mind, baby on the brain so to speak.

I feel like I am teeming with so much to say. In a nutshell, I’ve been married for about two years now…aaaaannd I just realized after saying that I totally forgot it is our two year anniversary tomorrow. Considering how completely consumed I’ve been lately with infertility and medical bills it’s not too hard to see why I forgot. For some reason I thought I had already passed that two year mark. Maybe I’ll keep quiet and see if hubby remembers! A few years back he totally forgot my birthday, I just found it funny. He felt compelled to run out and get a cake and card at 10pm when he realized it. I just laughed and said don’t worry about it but he was already out the door before I could finish my sentence. I still smile thinking about that.

Okay so I’ll probably give a more detailed timeline later on but here is the short version:

2016: 2 natural miscarriages due to missed-miscarriages (both 6 weeks along)

2017: 1 missed-miscarriage (6 weeks along), needed hysteroscopy procedure after complications, found out baby had Trisomy 16 due to additional maternal DNA

2018: 1 missed-miscarriage (6 weeks along), needed D&C due to baby not passing, first time I ever saw a heartbeat on the ultrasound but sadly that same day the baby passed away according to later ultrasound dating, found out baby had Trisomy 15 due to additional maternal DNA

I’ve already had the Horizon 274 carrier testing through Natera, and both my husband and I are not a carrier for anything. I don’t have MTHFR, or PCOS, or endometriosis, or an inverted uterus, or anything at all according to the tests so far. I appear completely normal and healthy according to every test other than only slightly lower progesterone levels. I was given progesterone my last two pregnancies but was told that due to having two Trisomy losses that it is a genetic issue, and not a hormonal issue. So the progesterone would not have changed the outcome. I just recently found out after sifting over 80 some odd pages of my fertility records that I have not been tested for a balanced translocation, which I just recently learned about. So that is my next big question for my fertility specialist tomorrow. I’m not sure but I think that if I did have a balanced translocation that would give me a 50% chance of having another miscarriage. But I’ve also heard there are different types of balanced translocations which would make miscarriage rates vary.

I will say that checking out the infertility forums online has greatly helped me to not feel alone, has educated me quite a bit, but most of all gave me hope to keep going. Thank you for stopping by and check back soon for updates.


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