Day 17 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Shake Shack & Study Time

Day 17 (Round 2 of IVF Stims): Shake Shack & Study Time

(Entry written prior to posted date).


Since we’ve been here for over two weeks, every time we pass by the new Shake Shack the line is about 40 people deep. Neither of us wanted to stand in the cold for an hour plus for a burger and fries. I can’t help but think that it’s not it’s all hyped up to be. But today was the day…we finally made our debut to the much sought after Shake Shack, only because there were just a few people in line. It was pretty tasty, but I will say I’m glad I didn’t stand in a long line like a crazy person. That was honestly the highlight of our day.


After eating we just had a lazy day at the hotel. As per usual, I griped about how bloated I felt. It’s official, I’m a roly poly bloated fatty. This cycle of IVF has lead me to gain ten pounds. Sweet baby Jesus do I feel it too! That’s a lot to gain in a short amount of time. This “normal” IVF weight gain feels anything but. I feel gross and full of fatigue. Mom wanted to rest today and I needed to do some school work. So most of the day I spent studying at the hotel, which was really the only productive thing I did today. But then again I know my body is hard at work growing these eggs.


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